I have a keen interest in the various fields of Astrology and have been providing astrological guidance and remedial measures to my clients for the last over 40 years and also have been teaching Astrology for the last over 20 years in a reputed college. I successfully passed Jyotish Praveen and Jyotish Visharda from Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, Madras and Jyotish Rishi from All India Federation of Astrologers’ societies (Future Point), New Delhi. Having specialization in following services :

  • Medical Astrology
  • Horary Astrology (Prashan Jyotish and Shakun Jyotish)
  • Child Birth (Progeny)
  • Foreign Travels
  • Match Making
  • Marital Infidelity
  • Multiple Marriages and Multiple Relations in married life
  • Education
  • Educational Career
  • Competitive Examinations
  • Litigation
  • Service and Business Matters
  • Delay in Marriage
  • Share Market etc

Prashara and Jaimini Systems of prediction are used for precise prediction.

A practitioner of Bhoot Damar Tantram.