An age-old ancient system of a branch of Astrology through which Illness and its cure and drugs which will be effective can be diagnosed and propitiations to get rid of illness, although in case of chronic diseases, are suggested. All body parts are under the influence of heavenly bodies such as The Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus,  Saturn, Rahu Ketu Neptune, Pluto and Uranus etc and remedial measures to appease the Stars and God are suggested for a speedy recovery from illness.

Astrology can help us to find out the type of a disease and also gives clue about that particular part of the body where the disease will make its effect 

With the help of Medical Astrology, the following can be predicted such as:

  • The onset of a disease- Astrology can help to find the timing of the start of a disease.
  • How much time will a  disease take to cure?
  • Whether the patient will be hospitalized or not?
  • Whether the disease is fatal or not?
  • Quantum of money and physical efforts will take place to bring the patient round to the normal health.
  • The residual effects of a disease after its cure.